Regram @ehinnphoto. Speed shooting with these two lovelies. #makingmagic #dewymakeup

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Photographer: Roberto Inetti
Model: Julie Ann Luna

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Don’t we all wish we were this cool? #wcw #laracroft

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My Improv 101 teacher is hilarious. I can’t stop watching this.

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QOTD: In my opinion, Sofia Vergara wasn’t being objectified. This is not a feminist issue but just a badly planned joke. And by comparing Sofia’s joke to Beyonce’s VMA performance - it just puts these two females in a situation where the media can stay these two females are going head to head. This is not Beyonce versus Sofia. It was not inequality. It’s not an issue at all. 

There are so many other important things out there that really make a difference. This is such a trivial issue. Honestly, it’s just as bad as the attempted Emmy’s joke. (via sourcefed & phillydtv)

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Finally getting that upper-body strength I desperately need!

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Regram @motive8you. #motivation #inspiration

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@lahlahlandmusic nominated me for the #alsicebucketchallenge. Thing is… I’m not keen on the idea of dumping ice cold water onto myself. But I do love the movement and will support anything that helps a good cause. #donate #icebucketchallenge

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#NP, All of Me + Otherside Mashup by my lovely friend, Leah

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A good way to start a #Sunday morning. #sunrise #rooftop #centralpark

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#Sunrise with the girlies. #postwork #rooftop

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